Add your voice to “The Blessing”!

It’s an uncertain time as battle the coronavirus pandemic and systemic racism. If you have ever lived in the greater Lansing, MI area, we’d love to have you join our virtual choir to sing “The Blessing” by Kari Job. We’ll be singing the “radio version,” posted below.

Recording Equipment

The basic idea is to making an audio/video recording of yourself singing while using headphones to listen to an accompaniment track (“back track”) to guide you.

To participate you will probably need two devices: one to record your audio/video track and one to listen to the back-track. As an example, you can prop up your tablet to record yourself while you listen to the track on your cell phone (placed in your pocket or to the side).

Alternatively you can one device if you can both record and listen. For example, if you have a Mac laptop you can start record yourself using Photo Booth and then click play on the track.

Recording Guidelines

Choose the appropriate accompaniment track below. When recording your track please:

  • Use headphones to listen to the accompaniment track so that you record the sound of your voice, not the accompaniment track.
  • Ensure that your face is well-lit.
  • If possible, wear a solid colored shirt with no logos.
  • If possible, film in front of a plain, dark background
  • If possible, turn off any nearby appliances that “hum”.
  • Film horizontally and standing up.
  • Clap when the tracks prompts you to do so. This helps align the tracks.

Submission Instructions

Send a video file or a link to YouTube to with the subject line “The Blessing Submission.” In your email, please include:

  • Your name
  • Your vocal part in the subject line (soprano, alto, tenor, bass, amen #1, amen #2, amen #3, or melody )
  • Where you’re from (e.g. “Lansing” or “Okemos”)
  • If you’re affiliated with a church or faith community, include the name (e.g. “University Lutheran Church”)

If you would like to submit more than one video, please send a separate email for each entry.

All tracks must be submitted by Monday, July 13, 2020.

Option #1: Sing the “Amen” and/or the melody

Good for children, casual singers, people short on time.

  1. There are three harmonies for the “Amen”. Choose one of the videos below.
  2. Use headphones to sing along following the audio in the video and the notes on screen.
  3. Submit your video.
  4. You may also sing the main melody using the video below.

Option #2: Sing the whole song

Good for choir members, confident singers, advanced tech users.

  1. Using the link below, download the PDF score to your device or print.
  2. Decide whether to sing soprano, alto, tenor or bass.
  3. Download the two mp3 back-tracks below and use headphones to sing along for your part for one or both tracks.
  4. Submit or two videos.

Option #3: Instrumental part

If you play an instrument, particularly a rhythm instrument (keys, drums, guitar, bass), but also brass or strings and you would like to get in submit a track, please send a message the email address below.


Please email producer Mitchell at Thanks!

Every effort will be made to use all submitted videos, but we can not guarantee every video will be used if technical issues arise. Thank you for your understanding!